Wednesday, 29 February 2012

F R I E N D S ! ^.^

Assalamualaikum. Hye guys. I don't know want to write about what, who and when? So, today I want to write about FRIENDS. Yeah! I love my Friends. All My Friends. I don't care who are you? and where you from? If you want to be my friends, just saying about it or just to be sporting with me. I really really love my Small Friends, Fatin Farhani. Nice name right? She very beautiful and smart. She carring and sporting. I really Love fatin, atin or tin. Hihihi... I think, if I have time to be a good and smart girl, I want to be The Best in the World infront my lovely Mom. I don't care about my face cute or ugly. I just want to study hard for this year because I will meet a big examination in close hall. It is a PMR examination. Huh! What day left or what time left I do to study. I think I must get Keredhaan Allah or Keredhaan my parents before I do my study. In the World, nobody Perfect except Nabi Muhammad. Nabi Muhammad is my Idol. Forever my Idol. And Allah is my God. Allah is The One and Only The One. About atin, we both plan to got straight A's in PMR examination. Just believe to Allah and do the best. InsyaAllah everything okay. Hmm.. About All my Friends, Mimi, Najlin, Haji, Mie, Iman, Najmi mok, Yum and All of my friends , I hope all of you study hard and do The Best in the World with your PMR examination. Always pray and praise to Allah about you problem. Don't forget Mengaji Al-Quran for calm down you heart. If you have any problem just tell me because I'am is your friends. Don't be shine with me okay. I will punch you if you shine shine with me. Heheheh! Be sporting and always as happy as a King in the class or anywhere you go. Smile not hard, just smile at your face with your mouth. =) I'm still your friends and forever your friends. And just it I want to write at all. I became sleepy after write this. Hehehe.. Remember friends, Allah Always Wacthing your guys above the sky. Allah know what's deep in your heart. Just tell him about your problem. Jump for Joy Friends. Assalamualaikum and Gud Night Already. ^.^

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