Friday, 2 March 2012

She my Friend. ^.^

Assalamualaikum. Hello guys. I'm back. Look at the picture above. Wow! She very Beautiful right? Hihi.. She is my friend. Forever my Friends. Always my smaller friends. Kind, smart, beautiful and intelligent is her personalities. Woah! Awesome! Great! She name is Fatin Farhani binti Mohd Yusof. Always remember her full name. Next week, we all have Ujian Bulanan 1. Wow! Haha.. So early. One step closer, One day to one day, and One time until One time, We all not alert or conscious about PMR will became fast coming. I will pray and praise to Allah if I have some problem. I will pray and praise to Allah too for giving some help to my all friends and my family. All my friends. I hope fatin can get straight A's. InsyaAllah, and very important is your hard attempt. You must have doubt and no faith to Allah. InsyaAllah, Allah heard your doa'. You will be brave to go through PMR. Don't try to be afraid or cowardly. Just to be brave only. I believe my friends. I don't care what you want to do. You must happy with your life before you die. You can full your life of colourless but no full with promisses. I don't like promisses because when I'm can't full my promise I will fell "tersangat Berdosa". That's why I don't like promisses. You not alone. If you think you alone. You can befriends with me. Because I very sporting with everyone. Hihi..I must sleep now because tomorrow I think I have a big problem because I not wake up early for "Solat Subuh" Haha.. Just it and that is it. Tommorrow, InsyaAllah I will continue my essay in blog Iyahyaya. Cehh! Hihi.. GoodBye and Gud Night Friends. Have a Nice Dream. Assalamualaikum. :)

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